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Article 1 (User Agreement)
  • Circulator paradise Co., Ltd. to provide - tion site and this site below.
  • This Agreement applies to the user to use the summary information service this site on the network provided by this site.
  • Various regulations and explained that this site will be announced from time to time for the user through the online is assumed to constitute a part of this agreement, users will accept this.
  • This site is a user and what can be changed at any time this Agreement without obtaining the approval of the user will accept this.
  • For the preceding paragraph change, at the time when the one-month display was on this site, it is assumed that all users was approved.

Article 2 (a user of the obligation)
  • The user shall have no responsibility for the use and management of its own ID (email address) and password that corresponds to this.
  • This site for any damage that the user suffer by the password that corresponds to the user's ID and this has been used for other third party, does not assume any responsibility regardless of the presence or absence of willful negligence on the part of the user . The password users set their own
  • If you have forgotten and shall offer to immediately this site, it shall be in accordance with the instructions of this site. In addition, the use of this site which has been made by the ID and this to the corresponding password is deemed to have been made by the user, the user shall bear all of the user fees and other liabilities.
  • Users will not be able to transfer, rent account to a third party

Article 3 (prohibition)
  • It acts contrary to public order and morals
  • Acts that lead to criminal behavior
  • Property rights of other users or third parties, privacy rights, the act of infringement of personality rights, etc.
  • Other, act contrary to the law
  • Pre-movement, the line of conflict in the election campaign or act and the Public Offices Election Law similar to these elections
  • Interfere with the operation of this site, or such as to damage the confidence of this site acts (also including like to publish my page to a third party)

Article 4 (use fee of this site)
  • Use fee of this site will be free of charge.

Article 5 (Disclaimer)
  • The cause of this site, as well as any damage to the user side has occurred, this site does not take any responsibility. For example, the vulnerability of the system, even when such as leakage of the registration data has occurred, do not take any responsibility.
  • Registration information, this site is assumed to have the copyright, will be published on basically this site and other sites-media. Since it is premised on public and registered personal information is exposed as it is. The user, information that has been published, is displayed in the search engine or the like, after the deletion at our site are also intended to acknowledge that there may appear a long period of time in the cache and the like. If cited posted on other sites, it is due to the management of other sites, each of these points, at our company assumes no responsibility.
  • Each summarized information that has been posted on this site does not guarantee its contents, and the like.

Article 6 (operation and maintenance)
  • If the user information and text, etc. that have registered on this site has exceeded a predetermined period of time or amount of this site is provided for in each of the services, this site may be deleted without prior notice to the user. The need on the operation and maintenance of this site, without giving prior notice to the user, the user may change or delete the registered information and text, etc. on this site.
  • This site, and without prior notification to the user, the user may change the contents of this site will accept this.
  • The contents of this site, this site will be assumed that can be provided at that time. Information this site is to provide, for the sentence, such as user registration, its integrity, accuracy, applicability, do not make the usefulness of such any guarantees. For the presence or absence of arrival and return of the scout-mail, it does not make any guarantee.
  • This site is in the case where any of the following has occurred, without giving prior notice to the user, you may want to temporarily suspend this site.
  • If the system of maintenance of this site regularly or urgently do
  • Fire, if you can no longer provide this site due to a power failure, etc.
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, if you can no longer provide this site due to a natural disaster of the tsunami, etc.
  • War, unrest, riot, mayhem, if you can no longer provide this site by the labor dispute, etc.
  • Others, if operational or technical Uehon site has been deemed necessary a temporary interruption of this site
  • ITwrap also as a delay or interruption, etc. of the provision of the site by reasons other than the case of the preceding paragraph occurs, do not undertake any responsibility for damages suffered by the user or other third party due to this we want things.
  • If the user has determined is inappropriate and this site the contents of such summarized information that was registered, this site without any prior notice to the user, you may want to remove the registration information, and the like.

Article 7 (no longer providing the site)
  • This site is on top of the notification to the user drives out notice period of three months, you can cancel the provision of the site.
  • Previous notification assumes that all users was approved at the time of the display three months on the online book site.

Article 8 (disabled disposal, etc.)
  • Users, if applicable to any of the following items, this site is not to be what such notice or notification in advance to the user, and shall be able to ban the use ban, or ID to use.
  • If you made a false declaration at the time of registration
  • If you have made a falsification of information that has been input
  • If the ID or password was used incorrectly
  • If you interfere with the operation of this site
  • If you delay the fulfillment of other obligations usage fees or the like of the present site, or refused to pay
  • Case if there was a petition for bankruptcy for the user or the user has received a quasi-incompetent sentenced yellowtail rather incompetent sentenced
  • If you violate any of these Terms
  • If the honor of this site was significantly damaged
  • If the other this site is determined to be unsuitable as a user
  • The case referred to in the preceding paragraph, the user shall be collectively to fulfill liquidation for any debt to pay for the usage fees and other liabilities such as this site, which has occurred in the time.

Article 9 (registration information and user information)
  • This site, a user of the information, along with the do not use for purposes other than the provision of services, disclosure to a third party, and will not provide.
  • However, in the case of the following is not this.
  • If you are posted and provide registration information to management and related site of this site, the user for, if you want to send an e-mail, etc. for the purposes of the present site or advertising of the business partner or the like of the present site,
  • For the company to which this site is determined to be necessary for the service, if you want to send an e-mail for obtaining the consent on the use of company information from the user if you want to provide information
  • Other if you get a user's consent

Article 10 (exclusive jurisdiction)
  • If the need for litigation between the user and the site has occurred, and the Tokyo District Court of first instance exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the user and the site.

2016/4/1 enactment

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